Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Russian peacekeeping in Abkhazia and suicide

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research - Russian peacekeeping in Abkhazia and suicide: "Increased suicide rates for military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders have been reported in various countries. Although it is known that some peacekeepers are exposed to potentially traumatic events and are thus at risk of suffering from post-traumatic stress reactions, only a few studies have examined suicide rates in this group. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the suicide rate among former Russian peacekeeping personnel… In conclusion, Russian personnel serving in international peacekeeping operations show a higher suicide rate than the general population. Unique problems associated with this research area are discussed… Introduction The suicide rate in Russia has shown a steady and stable increase since …. Suicide is nevertheless the most common cause of death in Russia in the age range of …."

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Russia’s Geopolitical Counter-Offensive in the Former Soviet Union

"In the last two to three years Russia has been on a geopolitical offensive in the countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. It has been gradually regaining the ground lost in the aftermath of the American invasion of Afghanistan and the Georgian, Ukrainian and Kyrgyz revolutions. Central Asia "

President Saakashvili meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research - President Saakashvili meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg: "Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili at june 9 2007 arrived in St Petersburg to attend an informal summit of CIS heads of state and a world economic forum. Within the framework of the visit he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Constantine Palace today. The meeting took place behind closed doors and lasted longer than had originally been planned. The presidents spoke to journalists before the meeting. "

Intelligence Brief: Russia Shifts Course on Iran

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research - Intelligence Brief: Russia Shifts Course on Iran: "oscow's decision against delivering nuclear fuel to Iran's Bushehr reactor demonstrates a change in Russian foreign policy. Previously, Russia has supported Iran throughout its confrontation with the United States and with the West over its nuclear research program. Russia saw relations with Iran as positive for a number of reasons: Iran is a major purchaser of Russian arms and nuclear technology; Iran's negative relationship with the United States has encouraged Moscow to support it against U.S. ambitions in the region, which Russia sees as a threat to its interests in the Middle East and to its near abroad; and Russia, along with China, has been pursuing a policy of multipolarity in world affairs, which means that Washington's attempts to limit the ambitions of regional powers should be opposed. In light of these interests, Moscow's decision on Bushehr signifies a change in its foreign policy toward Iran. The Kremlin has stated publicly that its decision to halt production of the reactor is due to a payment dispute. Tehran, however, denies that it has failed to complete its payments, and has blamed Russia's decision on 'political reasons.' Yet Reuters journalist Christian Lowe claimed that European officials had told him that Russia said it would not deliver nuclear fuel to Bushehr until Iran complies with U.N. demands to halt uranium enrichment activities."

Georgia woos NATO, angers Russia

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research - Georgia woos NATO, angers Russia: "BERLIN, March 15 (UPI) -- The former Soviet republic of Georgia is taking strides toward NATO membership, and European Union officials hope the country can help guarantee security in the South Caucasus and serve as a reliable energy transit country to Western Europe."

Russia and U.S.-Russia Relations

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research - Russia and U.S.-Russia Relations: "Chairman Biden, Ranking Member Lugar, Members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me to appear before you to discuss Russia and U.S.-Russia relations. Russia is a great country, one we must work with on important issues around the world. We have significant areas of common interest and want to build on these. We also have significant differences with certain policies of the current Russian government. This hearing is well timed, because we are in a more complicated period in our relations with Russia than we've been in some time."

Russia does not recognize Dmitry Sanakoev

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research - Russia does not recognize Dmitry Sanakoev: "Russia does not recognize ' the alternative government ' of South Ossetia led by Dmitry Sanakoev and is not going to reject its support to the current president of the republic Edward Kokojty. This comment was released by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, in response to mass media news that Moscow is planning to reconsider its position in regards to Tskhinvali , thus legitimating the on-going support to separatism in whole and particularly in South Ossetia "